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time to catch up!

Okay, okay... so we've been a *little* absent the last couple of weeks. Call it laziness, call it vertigo, call it what you want, we're here to make up on lost time. Since it's been, oh, 6 weeks or so since our last entry, this entry will be more of a photo diary. We're just going to throw up a bunch of pictures and a caption here or there to fill y'all in on the fun.

Here we go! You may want to hold on - there's a lot to come...

8/30/08 DC United (soccer) game. We went with our friends Jessica and Lori and their friends. The final score was 0-0, but the fans were AWESOME!

8/31/08 As always, food is the center piece of all our travels, and this is the amazing rainbow roll Tara got from our newly discovered favorite Sushi/Sake place. Well, at least it was newly discovered in August...

9/5 - 9/7/08 These are from our weekend getaway to Brooklyn to hang with D&D and their new addition, Elijah, to meet Bernadette, and to spend some quality time with Aaron and Jeorgea. A whole ton of cuteness, that's what it's all about. Well, that and some good ass food, of course.
soaked.jpg Me, after getting caught in the rain on our way to the MOMA, which closed 10 minutes after we got there. Ha!
aaronandjeorgea.jpg Aaron was really good at holding still for this picture. Jeorgea, not so much, but we love her anyways.
A perfect Sunday in Prospect Park.
Trying to catch that feeling of a perfect Sunday.

9/13/08 These are from dinner in Alexandria with our friend Margaret and Monty.
Although it's out of focus, it's pretty clear Tara's a natural with that... thing. We went to a place called Gadsby's Tavern, a historical tavern where the founding fathers of the Constitution often had dinner and where George Washington gave his last military address and threw his last birthday party.
The graveyard/garden of George Washington's church in Alexandria.

9/19 - 9/21/08 The Kirbys come to DC!
My folks standing on the top steps of the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background.
The whole family from in front of the Jefferson Memorial with, you guessed it, the Washington Monument in the background. Not bad, eh?
An FDR quote from the FDR Memorial - just makes sense doesn't it? Just like Joe the Plumber, FDR believes in spreading the wealth...
Tara and I in front of an amazing field of wild flowers at the battlegrounds in Gettysburg, PA. I'm totally faking that smile - I burnt my entire thumb that morning with boiling water and I can't wait to get it back on ice.
Some dudes (some of their wives were there too) who spend their free time pretending to be Confederate soldiers.
Who's got some 70's hair? That's right! The best rock climber EVER!
Something said by Robert Kennedy. Rather insightful, I thought.
Just goes to show you how old Arlington Cemetery is...
These are lily pads outside the Native American Museum. Did you know DC was swampland before it was our capitol?

9/23/08 Tara and I took a field trip to the Library of Congress, where we used the underground tunnels to get between the library's buildings, read/looked at the draft of the Bill of Rights, got Library of Congress library cards (strictly for research purposes), and wondered at the most beautiful building we've seen since we've been here. Check out that ceiling!LOC_ceiling.jpg

9/25/08 My favorite picture of the entire batch - Tara officially graduated from ref training and can now wear her uniform, whistle and referee patch with TRUE authority. tara_the_ref.jpg

9/24/08 Okay, so it's kinda hard to tell in this picture, but the profile closest to the wall/doorway is that of Barack. Tara called me to tell me she thought Obama was at the Mayflower down the street just as Lindsay was arriving for the weekend. Duck threw down her stuff and we ran down the street to yell, "YES WE CAN!" with the rest of the Obama-loving crazies. obama.jpg

9/27/08 After a day of studying and kickin' it on the couch, Tara and I decided we needed to check out the crab scene. Maryland is supposed to be famous for blue crabs and we wanted a REAL crab shack, so an hour drive later, we were presented with this:
And then we did this:
and ended up with this:
crab3.jpg. It was so great - table after table lined with brown paper, mallet wielding locals and pieces of crab shells flying everywhere!

(Almost there, just a little more!)

10/11 - 10/12/08 These are from a trip to Leesburg, VA and Thurmont, MD we went on last weekend. Geez, was that just last weekend?
We started off the fun with a giant corn maze (or maize, as it was called up there in the country). You may have to look really hard, but Tara's hiding in the corn... We also went on a haunted ghost tour of Leesburg that night, but it was more of a short session in parapsychology. I didn't feel the ghost we were supposed to touch, but Tara may have. Either that, or her hands were tingling due to bad circulation.
tara_and_t..tryside.jpg On Sunday, we went on a 16ish mile bike ride around Thurmont, MD to see some covered bridges. The ride was incredible! And wonderfully hilly, not too steep, not too easy and amazing colors everywhere!pony.jpg On our ride, we saw THE tiniest pony ever. Seriously! You have to look really closely, or you may miss him!
the_best_bike_ever.jpg Oh, the trusty steed, taking a break by the barn.
walkin__the_bike.jpg So, Tara likes to pretend that I had to walk my bike up the hill because I couldn't ride it, but the trusty steed's chain locked up on the way down the first hill, so I didn't even get a chance to try going up!
great_falls_preview.jpg We stopped by Great Falls on the way home since we had visited a couple nights before on a moonlit walk. It was pretty at night, but even better in daylight!great_falls_creek.jpggreat_falls.jpggreat_falls_slow_mo.jpg

Congratulations! You made it! (And so did I, miraculously enough...) Thanks for keeping up with us and our adventures! I promise to be better about updating our blog, but can't till November, as I just met our monthly uploading limit with this entry!

Love to all of you!

Laurel & Tara

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