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Hi everyone! It's been two weeks since our last update, so there's a lot to pack into this entry! Last we checked in, Tara and I had just moved into our apartment (and cleaned it) and we were getting ready to figure out our new neighborhood and also to go out of town just one short week after moving in. but before that...
food_line.jpg we hit some monuments and memorials on our bikes. Well, we didn't actually HIT them, but we cruised by and checked them out. We stopped and saw our buddy Abe, the Korean Memorial, the WWII Memorial, the Washington Monument (which you can't not see from everywhere), the FDR Memorial (which is where the above picture is from) and the Jefferson Memorial. The FDR Memorial was our favorite - it's amazing and includes an outdoor "room" corresponding to each of his terms in office. fdr_waterfall.jpg A ton of FDR's quotes were chiseled into the walls and it was pretty unnerving to read them and know how far we are from what he tried to teach us about equality and justice.

jumping.jpgThe rest of last week (8/4-8/8) was fairly mellow as both Tara and I had weekend plans. I flew back to CA early, early Friday morning to attend Chris and Connie's wedding. I got to hang out with my family and watch my friends, who've been together for TEN years finally get married. It was fantastic, as we spent some time jumping off rocks and swimming at Salmon Lake with the rest of the wedding crowd on Saturday before the wedding.

And here's Tara, to tell you about her weekend.

Okay so if you think getting over the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Bridge on a beautiful summer Saturday sucks, try it on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the Delaware shore. I went to meet Elijah, Dawn and Diana's new baby boy. What can you say about a 6 week old? He eats, sleeps and...well...you know the rest. But man is he cute! elijah.jpg And D & D as moms...pretty cute too, but that's no surprise. I can't say that Bethany Beach is my favorite place, but there is something to be said for an ocean you can actually swim in. Unless there is thunder, lightning and golf ball sized hail, as there was that weekend. Nonetheless, it was good times and a good start to me and Elijah's relationship. tara_and_elijah.jpg But the real story here is my drive home. I was supposed to pick Laurel up at the airport Sunday night as she returned home from a quick and crazy weekend in Cali. I left Bethany Beach at 7 for the 3 hour drive back to DC so I could pick her up at her 10:30 arrive time. This just happened to be the day that a truck drove off the side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I got home a little before 1am. And Laurel was already home in bed. I'm so over the car! But just getting starting with Elijah!

(Laurel here) Yeah, arriving at the airport without a ride home late on a Sunday night kinda sucked, but I made friends with a nice guy on the shuttle on the way home and got some more inside tips on D.C., so it all worked out in the end.

This week has been just as jammed-packed with fun. Despite the late night arrival Sunday night, Tara made it to a soccer game Monday night, then met me and our friends Ruth and Jenny at Screen on the Green where we got to watch Superman on the Mall. screen_green.jpg It was hard to hear the dialog, but it was incredible to sit on a lawn at 10 at night and only need a sweatshirt (we had a bit of a cold snap). Plus, who can beat a movie with the Capitol building in the background?

Got haircuts on Tuesday.

Wednesday, we were off to two farmer's markets before riding our bikes to Tara's soccer game.

Thursday! We don't have pictures from our Thursday event, but it was great, in such an urban way! There's a hotel in Adams Morgan that has Code Orange Happy Hour on Thursdays when the public can pay $15 to enjoy the hotel's pool, hot tub, sauna and locker facilities, and they throw in a specialty cocktail too! So we kicked it poolside with a bunch of families from the hotel and a few other Code Orange participants. Then we found a yummy New Orleans restaurant where I had the best meal I've had since we got here.

We ended the work week with a Washington Nationals baseball game at the new stadium in Southeast. We didn't realize the Nats aren't so good, but we had a good time anyways. The ballpark is all aglitter and brand spanking new. Even the park employees are shiny! 0815081923a.jpg We chose Friday's game specifically because there were fireworks afterwards. We asked the bouncer/ticket checker lady during the game where we should go for the show, and she told us to go to the other side of the stadium. When we asked if we could go on the field, like we do at home, she laughed and told us we were in the ghetto now. Hmmm... we didn't quite get the connection, but got that the field was off limits. The fireworks were a little on the weak and short side, but again, it was great anyways. It's hard to complain when we're so lucky to be here and having so much fun!

Okay, we're getting there. I told you, 2 weeks is a lot for one entry.

Yesterday, I got a bad massage, which is too lame to detail here, and then we went to the zoo. It's a good thing it was free 'cause all the animals were hiding or napping. We did get to see some elephants and a great hippo, but this is the best animal I got a shot of all day - my own little monkey! monkey.jpg Isn't she adorable?

And today. Today we slept in (thankfully) and took a late afternoon paddle on kayaks around Roosevelt Island on the Potomac. watergate.jpg That's me in front of Watergate, where the magic happened. We also saw a bunch of ospreys and a blue heron that ended up hanging out in a tree for awhile. AND I got to sign with one of the employees at the kayak place. He was signaling and not talking, so I tried signing and it worked! It's been awhile since I practiced, so I was a little nervous, but he was great and let me take my time.

Okay, okay, that brings us up to the present moment - Tara and I are watching some Olympics and trying to wind down in order to get some sleep before we head into another fun-filled week. We'll be back with more soon! Much love to all!

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